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My name is Jeannie Earehart.  This is my 21st year teaching.  I spent eight years teaching at Miamitown Elementary and I'm currently in my thirteenth year teaching at Harrison Elementary.  I enjoy working with the children, as well as the staff here at Harrison. 
I am a 1991 Harrison High School graduate.  I graduated from Northern Kentucky University.
My husband and I have three children. Our oldest daughter, Kaila, is a sophomore at Northern Kentucky University.  She's working toward a degree in Elementary Education.  Our daughter, Karlie, is a junior this year.  She enjoys playing softball.  Our son, Dylon, is in sixth grade and loves playing baseball for the Cincinnati WestStars.

I enjoy watching or listening to the Cincinnati Reds!  I enjoy going to Great American Ballpark with my family and friends when the opportunity presents itself. I enjoy going to state parks and exploring! We visited Carter Caves State Park in Kentucky.  That was a lot of fun!!  We toured two of the four caves available for visitors. That means we have to go back to go through the other two! :) Family trips like that are the best!

I am excited to start a new school year with you and your child!! I'm looking forward to a wonderful year! :)

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We put a raw egg inside a glass jar filled with vinegar.  We put the lid on the jar and observed the egg for 72 hours.  At the end of the 72 hour time frame, the hard shell dissolved.  The thin, see through membrane around the egg remained intact.  The water within the vinegar moved through the membrane of the egg causing it to increase in size.  This was to show the students that a cell membrane is semi-permeable.  Certain things can pass through the membrane.